Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Chaos Theory

At some point in the semester do you just lose the battle? In this case I'm thinking of the battle to stay ahead of the river of paper that seems to flow into my office. I started the semester with a fabulous new filing cabinet and I really thought that I'd finally cured myself of my prior fondness for piling each folder (one folder per lecture, discussion, film, etc.) in an ever-growing pile that would become structurally dangerous by the end of the semester.

But, alas, apparently not. My years of being a slob are not fixed with new furniture. Yesterday I realized I'd crossed the rubicon. My office now features numerous small piles of files and, even worse, piles of things that need to go into files. And I won't even tell you about Drawer #3, which contains many more (hidden) piles of things that need to go into files.

Can I reclaim my office? Or will I write off this semester and start anew in January? I'll hope for the first, but probably will default to the second. As long as I can wade through the paper and still see my keyboard and mouse, I'm good to go. I know there's some annoyingly applicable acronym that self-help devotees espouse about only touching something once (i.e. instead of piling that file on the desk so I have to touch it several times before putting it away, I should just file the damn thing directly after using it) but obviously I haven't embraced that particular tactic. Can an old dog change her tricks?

And to add insult to my office injury: I killed my cactus. I've already accepted my pronounced lack of a green thumb, but really, this is a new low.


At 12:08 PM, Blogger Dr. Mon said...

It's not too late to reclaim your office!! I'm pretty organized but every semester I do reach that point where the papers take over everything. For me a lot of papers get cleared out with the submission of end of the semester grading and with sporadic cleaning that comes while procrastinating on end of the semester grading! So don't fret--you still have time to save ur office.

At 5:30 PM, Blogger Kristiface said...

I just sat down this afternoon and filed. And it was WONDERFUL :) My desk isn't entirely clear yet, but I can see the wood. Hooray!!!!

You can do it. You just have to tell yourself you can-- and then you will :)

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