Thursday, October 20, 2005


Okay, so it's been a while... and unfortunately I can't claim that my radio silence has been due to a furious pace of work or production. I've been coasting along, and I'm in something of a funk. Mostly I'm just tired of things. Ever have the urge to rearrange your whole house? Your whole life? At the moment, I'm tired of my job. I'm tired of grading midterms. I'm tired of trying to get tired students to be excited or engaged or outraged about things that they should be excited or engaged or outraged about. There are times I'm quite grateful that my little group of students don't run the world because we'd all be living in some post-apocalyptic nightmare with no civil liberties. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but if you can't get even slightly upset about Japanese-American (emphasis on American) internment, what can you get upset about??

I'm tired of the ever-looming dissertation. I am such a stick person (as opposed to a carrot person.) I have to turn this in to my chair for her overall approval in just under two weeks. (yikes! shit. excuse me for a moment while I have a panic attack.) Okay, now I feel better. So, yeah, two weeks. And I just can't seem to build up any momentum. I actually don't have that much to do, but the one large-ish item still outstanding is that I have to write a conclusion. Then polish the footnotes, then take care of about three tiny little details per chapter, then a bib. Then, fini!

So I suppose I should get working on it. I've got a few days without classes, and although those stacks of bluebooks are taunting me, the dissertation should come first. At least for a few hours.


At 10:05 AM, Blogger Dr. Mon said...

Hang in there!! Perhaps if you start with whichever task takes the least brain power (like for me that would be the bib work), you can get some things done and build a little momentum. Perhaps I should take my own advice....

At 5:16 PM, Blogger timna said...

sounds like you're really ready to finish. or not? those last details that you're clinging to, and then you let go and you'll be done! it's an odd feeling of not having this very steady, nearly old friend, no longer there waiting for you. but believe me, it's a great feeling to let it go.

I got so caught up in the final chapters and I was having someone else edit it before it went to my committee and the turn around was so rapid I was queasy, and I nearly missed the last real writing because it wasn't quite chronological and then I noticed I'd turned it in and there was only revising after that.


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