Friday, September 02, 2005


A few rants on a Friday morning.

First of all: what is up with the lingerie, people?? My friends will agree that I'm certainly not a prude, and I'm the first one to throw on a tiny tank top in hot weather, but I don't wear such items (much less a lace trimmed lingerie-ish top) TO WORK OR SCHOOL. Apparently these students didn't get the memo from the New York Times Style Section a while back about how "demure is in." Yesterday I literally could not avert my eyes from a student in my WOMEN'S HISTORY class who was wearing a very low cut tank top that was trimmed with an inch-wide band of shiny silver SEQUINS that were literally like the flash bulb of a camera. "Sequins" really isn't the right word for these things because they seemed to be some supernatural event, some self-powered item that could emit a bright stream of light, which said, "Look! Look here!!!!" (I always start to laugh when I think of the Onion headline: Nation's Co-Eds Prepare Breasts for Springtime Display.)

Onto more serious matters: Katrina.

Words are, of course, inadequate to express my horror and sadness over the numerous heartbreaking stories I've heard over the past few days -- from the large to the small, from lost lives, to pets who were left behind, to a man in his 50s who lost the journals he'd kept every day of his life since he was 10 years old. But I do find that words are adequate to express my anger over how this whole nightmare had been handled, and my anger with the folks (read: Bush Administration) whose inaction and ill-preparedness has left my country looking like some far-away war zone or famine. Bush said "no one" could have predicted the break in the levees? No one?? Really, George??

The NYT has published blistering editorials. Daily Kos has numerous examples of how money (and National Guard troops and equipment) were diverted from FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers to fund the war in Iraq and to give some rich fuck a tax cut. But then an excellent, eloquent rant about this whole situation (and how the media is covering it) arrived in my e-mail in-box this morning.

Here's my friend's rant:

I think I have massive guilt about being kind of perversely fascinated by the storm, like wanting to see a huge train wreck, and then I ACTUALLY saw the train wreck and now I'm like "I take it back I take it back I take it back..."

Plus I witnessed an exchange between Al Sharpton and Fucker Carlson last night that made me want to vomit. Everyone is a racist pig. Sharpton was like "I'm going down to minister to people and to lead a clothing drive," and Fucker is like "well, good for you [his actual words, totally condescending] but are you ALSO going to condemn all the violence and rape and murder?" and I was so angry, like this pudgy white fuck felt that it was Sharpton's job to say rape and murder are wrong. Fucker would NEVER have asked anyone else that question. Everyone condemns rape and murder. The victims are FUCKING BLACK, you motherfucker, why *wouldn't* he condemn it? To expect Sharpton to have to answer for every bad thing a black person does, and NOT give him credit for All of the Good he and others do ... it's so fucking nakedly racist I want to spit. All these fucking white people sitting around congratulating each other on their fine coverage of events, their daring, their generosity, etc. NOBODY FUCKING CARES, you are useless, people are dying slow, horrible, ignominious deaths right in front of your eyes -- it's a ratings bonanza! I have never seen such slo-mo suffering on such a scale. And this exact shit happens in Africa all the time, right now, where thousands of (black) people suffer the worst treatment / conditions at the hands of a well-armed evil few, and we don't do anything, nothing, because oooh, they're shooting at us. If only those blacks could behave themselves, we'd help. Well, guess what, they're EXPLODING us in Iraq, and we are in THERE fighting, so... We hate blacks and cannot get motivated to behave decently, mercifully where they are concerned because we blame them for being stupid and criminal and bringing it on themselves because if we let our conscience flicker for a second, if we take any kind of broad historical view of how things got to this point ... we would be so crippled by guilt that we would cease to function as a country. So fuck 'em. Thin the herd. Eliminate hundreds if not thousands from the gene pool and welfare rolls (mmm, welfare rolls). I'm sure there's secret glee in some conservative quarters (well, if it weren't for the crippling of our economy which is beginning now and will follow for years to come, thanks). It's nice to see Homeland Security was so well prepared for this event.

Plus some asshole was on last night commenting on the "lawlessness," talking about "this is what happens when you take God out of the schools..."