Friday, August 19, 2005

What a wonderful country we live in

I'm diverging from my normal semi-daily rants to comment on something that caught my attention yesterday. Follow this link to Academic Coach's discussion of a fellow ABD/blogger (Badger.) In addition to the usual trials and tribulations of teaching while being ABD, Badger is also dealing with some tragic personal circumstances. Mr. Badger was diagnosed with severe liver cancer and she only has a short time left with him. Badger's postings about her family's story brought tears to my eyes.

In one sense, her story merits a sarcastic comment (what a wonderful country we live in) when, in addition to her own stress and grief, she has to fight bureaucracy after bureaucracy -- often without success. Her insurance company even cut off her prescription benefits recently when she was picking up morphine for her husband. Anyone who has been a graduate student with marginal health insurance (I, too, lived with a $100K limit) will likely get the chills while reading the results of such an abysmal system.

In another sense, though, we do live in a wonderful country when fellow ABDers and bloggers come together and make common cause with Badger through the fund that Academic Coach has set up. Check it out. And give your children/spouses/family an extra hug today. Life can be terribly fragile.


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Thanks for your support.

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