Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Day 35: Hanging in there...

I've got a night class starting in ten minutes. I almost have all my syllabi finished, so that's better than most years. And I'm feeling only mild panic, which is also better than most years. Hopefully I will sleep the sleep of the exhausted tonight, instead of being plagued by anxiety dreams. Thankfully most of my anxiety dreams usually center around giving a final exam (even if it isn't finals time) because I make such a big fat deal out of the fact that they have to get to the exam on time OR ELSE. And my dreams, of course, feature me being unable to get to the exam and the attendant panic and embarrassment that results.

A digression. I usually tell my students it's their responsibility to plan ahead for all contingencies (good training for 2 year college students) and as an example, I use the story of what happened on the morning of my master's exam. At the time, I was driving a much-beloved 1986 VW Jetta (parental hand-me-down, of course) that had been as reliable as one could expect. But with an old car, one never knows... so I made arrangements with a friend. I told her that I'd try to leave my house at 8 a.m. and if my car didn't start, she would still be home so she could give me a ride. She was instructed to wait for my call and leave enough time in her schedule to give me a ride if necessary. My husband later told me he thought the stress had fried my brain because I really didn't need to make such elaborate arrangements for something that wasn't going to be an issue. And guess what?! I went out at 8 a.m. and the car refused to even turn over. Totally dead. Good soldier that it was, apparently various items in the chain of command had been failing for weeks but the others compensated, so we didn't notice anything amiss. Until the final failure on the morning of my master's exam. But thanks to my forethought, no additional stress, I arrived at the master's exam with plenty of time to spare.


Okay, so I started this post on Monday, and here it is Wednesday. How did that happen? I guess I've got to give up counting days because I can't even keep track anymore, and plus, it's too depressing.

Classes went as well as could be expected, but sheesh, I'm exhausted. Why is the first week such a drain? We've got friends and family coming this weekend (starting tomorrow) so I spent all of today cleaning the house. I've got classes again tomorrow, so let's just hope that what's already in the can hasn't been dented and developed botulism or something similarly fatal.