Friday, August 12, 2005

Day 25: Yet another draft

Well, I've reached the somewhat terrifying stage whereupon I print out a draft and have my husband/editor read it. What will the verdict be... fine tuning? Major revisions? I shudder to think. But I figured I'd better get a sense of how it's looking before I continue to work on it. Wish me luck.

So yesterday I went out to my office to unpack and enjoy my new furniture... and found an extra surprise: a new flat panel monitor! It felt like Christmas. We faculty usually get the hand-me-downs from students, so getting something brand new was quite shocking. I'm not entirely happy with the configuration of furniture in my closet/office, and what can you really say about soulless gray corporate desks and a filing cabinet, but it's new and it looks good. I'm planning a trip to Ikea for some more accessories and whatnot, and then I'll be all moved in. But going out to campus does take a chunk out of the day, plus errands, plus going to the gym... then frantic food prep and house cleaning.

But it was worth it -- the burgers were pretty damn good. Search for "Jalapeno Cheeseburgers with Bacon and Grilled Onions" on epicurious. The weather cooperated and we were able to sit out on the back deck in the candlelight until way too late, drinking wine and dreaming about future vacations. Hence my lack of productivity today, except for some minor edits. Blah. Anyway, I'm off to an event paid for by my husband's Real Job with free beer, appetizers, Scotch eggs (if you don't know what they are, be afraid, be very afraid) and lawn bowling.


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