Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day 16: Bleah. Ack. Sweat.

I got nothin.' I am officially tired of this introduction and even more tired of being hot. All. the. time. I have a window unit AC in my study but that doesn't seem to be cutting it, for some reason. I think my body revolts at merely leaving the study for the bathroom, to grab dinner, or to get a bowl of Golden Grahams. Not the malt-o-meal version because those suck, by the way. Anyway, we just turned on the window unit in the bedroom to start cooling it down and our power is flickering. Nice.

But besides this griping, I'm making slow progress. I think I'll be able to print another rough (emphasis on rough) draft tomorrow and see how she looks.

I'm going to investigate this air conditioning issue. I need a good night's sleep that does not occur in the gale-force wind situation that my husband seems to prefer (fan on high, ceiling fan on high.) I want my AC!