Saturday, July 23, 2005

Days 4-5: Baby steps

After a few days of Big Goals, my Friday/Saturday goals were quite small. One paragraph each day. The Friday paragraph was a scary one and I'm still not nearly happy with it, but it's something. Today's paragraph turned out to involve only minor changes. So I'm finished! It's good to recognize that not everyday will be overwhelmingly productive, but in the spirit of Momentum, it's good to knock off even a paragraph or two.

I knew yesterday would be a Time Suck in terms of progress (hence the small goal) because I had a doctor's appointment after lunch, then a shopping errand, then the gym... and then... housecleaning. I'm sure teenagers everywhere wish they could have such an exciting Friday night as we old married folk do! But after my husband and I spent 3 hours each in the heat and humidity cleaning our house (6 hours total) and it still isn't completely clean... we are pondering the possibility of hiring someone to help us out. My husband works a Real Job and, frankly, his time is quite scarce and valuable these days. And we mightily resist the "natural" conclusion one could draw from that: wife with flexible schedule and "more" time does all the housecleaning. So instead of making that choice, we default to having no one clean, and we end up living in a total sty. I won't ruin your breakfast by describing it. As acolytes of Barbara Ehrenreich, we would commit to paying anyone a living wage if we find someone to clean our house, and it certainly won't be the Merry Maids! I'm sure this is all Fantasyland kind of thinking, borne of three hours of housecleaning in the heat, but it is nice to dream... And yes, you can bring this up in my show trial someday.

Otherwise, today we are going on a Feline Retrieval Trip -- my parents live approx. 2 hours away, and long story short, they've been babysitting our beloved cats. (although with the lack of housecleaning, occasionally really large puffs of cat hair will drift through the room, and we can almost pretend we have our cats here...) So we're heading to their house today to be reunited with our kitties... and we'll take advantage of their air conditioning and home theater in the basement. We might stay for part of Sunday (see above: air conditioning, heat, humidity, etc.) so I should pack up some dissertation items just in case.


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