Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Days 11-13: The Return of the Hangover

Okay, okay... a few more days of feeling really busy yet accomplishing nothing, dissertation wise. Saturday we went to the Wedding Extravaganza. We started drinking margaritas at 3:00 (a bunch of us went for drinks and munchies in Rather Rich Suburb during the break between the ceremony and the reception) and then on to the country club... and wow. Mojitos (the bride is writing a really cool dissertation about Cuba), a perfect sunny day, a 12 piece live band that I'd actually pay to listen to (a well-known gospel singer in the lead), and a piece of filet mignon the size of a softball. So that certainly ate up the day, in a most pleasant fashion.

Sunday was spent finally catching up on Life Errands, mostly to buy cleaning products to clean our house and clothing. The cleaning hasn't happened yet, but at least we're all prepared, should inspiration strike. A quick trip to the gym, and then it was time to head over to my colleague's and his partner's house for a cookout. After eating my weight in munchies and drinking wine (sensing a theme?), we had yummy burgers and then a fairly depressing conversation about all the difficulties involved in gay adoption. Anyone interested in moving to Canada?

Monday? More of the same, in that we cooked things on a grill with some good friends, ate our weight in munchies, drank cocktails, and exercised. (must keep the munchies at bay.) But before the pleasantries commenced, I graded like a fiend. Much to my horror, I found out on Sunday night that grades were due Tuesday, and I wasn't anywhere near finishing them. So after lots of coffee and pages of convoluted undergrad syntax (remember not to take things for "granite," folks), I was finished! So now I am officially done with my summer class, the only thing remaining is to handle the inevitable complaining e-mails from unhappy students.

So I guess that means that the dissertation part of my summer really has to begin, huh? Well, you'd think so, but I'm getting ready to go out of town again. I leave on Friday for my grandmother's funeral and then from there I will head to Mississippi for a week-long NEH seminar about the Civil Rights Movement. The only downside so far is that we actually have homework (three huge books) that I haven't started yet, and the combination of lots of frantic grading while trying to read three books is giving me grad school flashbacks. The only new wrinkle is that I bought these books a while ago and I can only find two of them... so task number one this morning, now that I am properly caffeinated, is to tear the house apart looking for it... Anyone seen my copy of "Local People?" And yes, I've already looked under the bed...