Thursday, July 28, 2005

Day 9: The Rough Draft. Emphasis on Rough.

I'm taking a second before starting work to think about yesterday. When I sat down with my printed pages, I felt much more like I was on terra firma. I can work paragraph by paragraph, sure, no problem. That's a familiar rhythm for me. I adjust my mini-goals depending on how much revision each draft is going to need. Sometimes I'll do five paragraphs before taking a break, sometimes only one. In the past I've even resorted to giving myself gold stars for each paragraph. Whatever it takes.

So I started out, thinking this looked like a three paragraph kind of situation. Paragraph one, good. Paragraph two, okay. Paragraph three... what the hell is this? Huh? What was I thinking? Ugh. Cue mournful soundtrack music. But I sat there for a while and worked on it, strategized how to make the next few paragraphs work together, etc. So I'm ready to work on those today. I realized, too, that since I've had trouble working this summer, and since this introduction is a whole new and stressful animal for me, I need to lower my standards even more (and I'm all about lowering standards) and feel pleased with any small amount of progress. So my new question for myself is: do I have more done today than I did yesterday?

Thanks to my readers and commenters... I feel like this blog has got to be as exciting as watching paint dry, but it actually does keep me working from day to day...which is the point, I guess.

Speaking of which, time to work...