Friday, July 29, 2005

Day 11: Seeking 1BR, 1BA furnished cave

I've finally figured out how I'm going to finish my dissertation! But unfortunately for the rest of you, it is going to involve a major catastrophe to the nation's electric grid. Or perhaps I will move into a cave with no electricity, bearing only my laptop and numerous batteries.

This morning I was puttering around the kitchen while my coffee brewed and suddenly the power went out. No idea why. It's been quite cool here, so there's no need for a brown-out. Thankfully my coffee had just finished brewing, so I was able to doctor my cup as per usual. And then what was there to do? No internet. No TV. No NPR. Well, friends, clearly the only remaining choice... my last resort... was to (gasp) work on my dissertation! And I did. I sat down and looked at some pretty frightening paragraphs, and actually got Into the Zone just a bit. Miraculous. I lost some steam when the power came back on, but was generally able to maintain the momentum for most of the day.

So that's the good news. And I'm finally getting a sense of the beast. I think what I have right now is Rough Draft Type #1. For me, this is very rough. Some general ideas have been put into paragraphs, but it is quite likely that some paragraphs will be revised, deleted, combined, or moved. Hopefully after one run-through of this draft, I can move on to Rough Draft Type #2, which means that each paragraph is generally in the right place and has the right ideas, they're just roughed out in places. I guess Type #3 would be line-editing and footnote-fixing, followed by a pause for husband's brutal yet incredibly helpful editing. Then perhaps a setback to Type #2... who knows. Sigh. But at least I'm making progress!

I took a break in the morning to run and saw a very funny (or disturbing, depending on how you look at it) sight. I ran over to Local Lake and was running along, and I saw a middle-aged, slightly pudgy man wearing a bright aqua speedo. And, of course, the problem with said speedo (aside from the glaringly obvious, of course) is that there are no pockets in which to put one's cell phone, wallet, etc. So this man improvised a solution: he strapped on a black country/western style leather belt with a huge silver buckle and then he clipped all his stuff to the belt!

My frequent breaks throughout the day have involved preparing our house and some food for dinner guests tonight. Foodies, the menu will be:
Guacamole (a food I would eat until it killed me)
Pina Coladas
Mango-lime margaritas

Followed by:
Charcoal grilled corn with cream, cheese, and chili
Chile-glazed shrimp with tomatillo-cilantro sauce
Green poblano rice

Followed by:
Mexican hot fudge sundaes with homemade ice cream. I buy this cream that comes in a glass jar from a local organic dairy. It is yellow due to the fact that the cows are grass-fed, and so thick you have to coax it out with a knife... dairy heaven in a jar.

I've got a full weekend ahead, but am still committed to working on a few more paragraphs...forever in search of the Big Mo. And a cave with a month-to-month lease.