Thursday, June 23, 2005

Day 2: Oh, and one more thing

Yesterday I described the "Big Three" factors that have slowed my progress. I can now add a fourth: the heat. In the summers, I work at home in our second floor enclosed porch. This is our second summer in our house, and my experience from last summer is that the porch is like a cool leafy tree house with a view of the neighbor's garden next door. But last summer was unseasonably, unreasonably cool. We're talking space heater, sweatpants, and down comforters cool. I do live in an oft-frozen climate, but that was ridiculous. Nonetheless, very conducive to working.

This summer? My leafy tree house has now taken on some characteristics of the surface of the sun. And my brain tends to shut down when the temps go above 80. Big problem. Which is something that I repeatedly remind myself during the winter when it is below zero for days on end. We have an attic full of window-unit ACs and my husband even offered to install one for me today -- unfortunately his offer entailed that I get out of bed this morning long before I intended to. (since it really is a two-person job.) I thought sleepily to myself, " hot could it be?"

So today was something of a wash, dissertation wise. We're leaving tomorrow morning at some ungodly early hour that begins with a 4 to fly to Boston for a wedding, followed by visits with friends and family in CT and NYC. Hence, the time-suckage of packing has eaten up a bit of my day. Plus the fact that I am currently being paid to teach my on-line class meant that I had quite a bit of class housekeeping details to attend to. And I have spent a considerable amount of time listening to Al Franken while eating cold Chinese food and staring blankly into space. Heat very bad. Is it possible for one's brain to actually melt?

My question of the day: how much luggage is an obscene amount? Once you cross the rubicon into Actually Checking Luggage, it's hard to moderate from there.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Stewgad said...

I pretty much never produce anything smart in the summer. I think the humidity interferes with the electrical brain recepter reception. I pretty much never have anything smart to say until the fall when the humidity clears, the air is crisp, and the brain returns to thinkable mode.

I think that one bag per day you are going to be gone would be my personal limit. :) But, I always pack for any possible contingency. Like taking 5 sweaters to the Bahamas, every book I own in case I'm not in the mood to read just one genre that I've brought along, enough food to outlast any period of strandedness anywhere, and sufficient underwear that I could open a department store. All in the name of safety and security, comfort and choice. Pack away, girl!

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